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Lucky Day 2

This second single from BlimNoir is a prime example of the band’s free-improvisational approach to songwriting. Lotus Mae’s angst-ridden vocal, lyric and drumming are underscored by the psychedelic guitar of Mason Mixx, the diabolical bass of Gillan Birch and the strangely intuitive keyboard and backing vocal of Dale.

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The Dreaming Has Begun

From the
BlimNoir album "mistakes were made," a delicious journey through a memory-dream state guided by the voice of Dale through time and color and texture.

The Dreaming Has Begun, a trip definitely worth taking!

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Pushing Down The Hill

The first single from BlimNoir, Pushing Down The Hill is a sled ride down through the center of the earth. Pure gravity and no seat belts. Hop aboard and click on the graphic above.

The Lahrd 2

Another mystical meandering beyond the mirror of assumption and metaphor from BlimNoir and the poetess Lotus Mae. In top form, the band hallucinates it's way through The Lahrd 2 and down the forbidden path of what-if-up-was-down and how will we know that it's us we've found among these very tall mushrooms?

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