BlimNoir uses a free improvisational approach to their live recordings. With no rehearsal or predetermined ideas, they record in real time without a single notion of what will result. This collective abandonment of conscious control works to create an imperfect tension—musically and lyrically—often evoking a surreal mood of pessimism, fatalism and menace, along with tingling in the arms, hands, legs and feet with occasional numbness around the mouth.



Recording together since 2018, one member is a non-musician with shaky self-esteem, two members are curiously musical, and the remaining member is a hardened criminal who drinks straight out of the bottle. All are frustrated artists with limited funds and uncertain plans for the future. But that’s just part of their charm—never knowing what they’ll do next.


mistakes were made

“mistakes were made” is BlimNoir’s debut album. It’s filled with pent-up angst transferred into impromptu musical pieces that expose subconscious, deep-seated fears, anxieties and apprehensions—along with a sense of foreboding, malaise and unease felt since early childhood about the human condition and the current state of the world. Best listened to while wearing a shroud after a nice brine bath.

Listen to BlimNoir’s album “mistakes were made”
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BlimNoir album "mistakes were made"

“who is that man?”, BlimNoir’s third single has Dale on keyboard and vocals, improvising lyrically about a questionable character invading her space. The free-improvisational bass of Gillan Birch, the eerie guitar of Mason Mixx and the insistent crashing drums of Lotus Mae creates a foreboding sound of menace with a dash of dark humor. As with all of BlimNoir’s improvisations, “who is that man?” is recorded live with no preconceptions of its outcome.

Have a look on Vimeo at the video for the latest single release,
“who is that man?” from BlimNoir.
BlimNoir, "who is that man?"

lucky day 2

“lucky day 2”, BlimNoir’s second single is a prime example of the band’s spontaneous free-improvisational approach to spur-of-the-moment song writing. Lotus Mae’s angst-ridden vocal, lyric and drumming are underscored by the psychedelic guitar of Mason Mixx, the diabolical bass of Gillan Birch and the strangely intuitive keyboard and backing vocal of Dale. “lucky day 2” takes us through a surreal landscape of cinematic noir and longing. As with BlimNoir’s previous single, “lucky day 2” was recorded live and adds to the diverse sonic spectrum that defines BlimNoir.

Check out the hypnotic, dreamlike video for “lucky day 2.” on Vimeo. vimeo

lucky day 2 single


Listen to BlimNoir’s first single release “pushing down the hill”. Improvised and recorded live, it has a sinister sounding barbaric beat and is the perfect segue for BlimNoir’s upcoming album “mistakes were made” which will be released October 2019.

Check out the video for “pushing down the hill” on Vimeo.vimeo

Bonus tracks!

Though not officially released as singles, the following two tracks from BlimNoir’s album, “mistakes were made, are available as music videos on Vimeo. The tracks are “the dreaming has begun” and “the lahrd 2.

Check out the video for the dreaming has begun on Vimeo.vimeo
Check out the video for the lahrd 2 on Vimeo.vimeo


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